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4P-CAN salutes the EU Cancer Mission Roadshow and it’s expecting the bus in its Romanian Living-Lab, Lerești, Argeș

In a significant milestone for cancer prevention efforts in Romania, the EU Cancer Mission bus will arrive at the Romanian 4P-CAN Living Lab in Lerești, Argeș at the end of August. The 4P-CAN project, which stands for “Personalised CANcer Primary Prevention Research through Citizen Participation and Digitally Enabled Social Innovation,” is part of an innovative initiative funded by Horizon Europe. The project aims to enhance cancer prevention through community engagement and tailored strategies.

Launch of 4P-CAN’s Cancer TIE begins with Cancer Prevention Barriers and Healthy Behaviour Adherence

In a concerted effort to tackle the challenges posed by cancer, 4P-CAN proudly inaugurated the Cancer Thematic Innovation Ecosystem (TIE) initiative with ECHAlliance – The Global Health Connector, dedicated to unravelling the intricacies of Cancer Prevention Barriers and Healthy Behavior Adherence. The virtual event, held on 30th April 2024, brought together a consortium of esteemed professionals and organizations, united in their mission to combat cancer through proactive measures.

Empowering Minds, Inspiring Change: Ukrainian Students Unite to Celebrate World Health Day

Joining efforts on implementation of evidence-based approaches to cancer care, with attention to inequalities in healthcare services distribution, is crucial for improving patients’ outcomes. Students’ scientific societies allow to reinforce the importance of oncological problems for healthcare early during the education, on top of standard curriculum.

PRESS RELEASE: 4P-CAN European Parliament Event  

The 4P-CAN project (Personalized CANcer Primary Prevention research through Citizen Participation and digitally-enabled social innovation) Project is excited to share the outcomes of the ‘Cancer primary prevention main risk factors in Europe. Regulations, implementation level and future steps’ event hosted by Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Cristian-Silviu Busoi at the European Parliament in Brussels. 

Cancer infodemic: a growing concern to public health 

The emergence of the new media, the proliferation of disinformation, the rise of health activism, and a growing distrust in science – are just a few of the challenges that have brought a new dynamic of public health communication about cancer treatment and prevention.

Launch of ‘Code for a Healthy Life’ Campaign, marking the first World Cancer Day in Lerești

The Center for Innovation in Medicine, the coordinator of the 4P-CAN project, together with the Lerești Town Hall, organized a series of meetings with citizens on the topic of primary cancer prevention. These sessions addressed obesity, nutrition, and sedentarism, previously selected by Lerești’s citizens through studies and actions. About 10% of the community’s population, from […]

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