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Revolutionizing Cancer Prevention: 4P-CAN Introduces New Podcast Series!

Welcome to the 4P-CAN Project Podcast, a Horizon Europe Project funded under the European Union Cancer Mission Initiative that aims to explore the forefront of cancer prevention!

By understanding barriers to policy implementation and individual adherence to healthy behaviour, 4P-CAN aims to improve cancer primary prevention measures and reduce inequalities among Central and Eastern European countries.

With the collaboration of 17 organizations from 11 countries, 4P-CAN is dedicated to achieving these goals and fostering a healthier future. In this debut episode, Federica Porcu (Innovation Project Manager) and Radhika Poojara (Communications Specialist) had the privilege of hosting Dr Marius Geanta, President of the Centre of Innovation in Medicine and the esteemed Project Coordinator for 4P-CAN.

Marius shared his insights into the groundbreaking 4P-CAN project, shedding light on key innovative approaches in cancer research that are poised to shape the future of cancer prevention and treatment. The discussion delved into the progress of the 4P-CAN project, exploring anticipated results and transformative changes expected in the short, medium, and long term.

He also highlighted the role of social sciences in generating new models for the implementation of preventive campaigns.

Listen to episode 1 below!

You can also listen to the episode here on Spotify.

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