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Prof. Mark Lawler

Mark Lawler has an international reputation in cancer research, leading, in 2022, the European Groundshot – addressing Europe’s cancer research challenges report, a Lancet Oncology Commission, and receiving the prestigious 2018 European Health Award.

Professor Mark Lawler is Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Professor of Digital Health, and Chair in Translational Cancer Genomics, Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences, Queen’s University Belfast (QUB).

He serves as the Associate Director for Health Data Research Wales-Northern Ireland, one of the six substantive sites under Health Data Research UK (HDR-UK), spearheading advancements in precision medicine and public health strategies through big data utilization. Additionally, he fulfills the role of Scientific Director at DATA-CAN, the UK’s Health Data Research Hub dedicated to cancer.

Mark is especially focused on tackling cancer-related issues in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), emphasizing the importance of research driven by data, which includes economic assessments, to strengthen cancer control measures in the area.

He also occupies several roles within NGOs across Europe and has, in recent years, made contributions from multiple perspectives to the objectives of the Cancer Mission and Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan.

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