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Prof. Hajo Zeeb 

Hajo Zeeb is currently leading the Department of Prevention and Evaluation at the BIPS (Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology) since January 2010, has significantly contributed to the field of implementation research and living labs within public health. After his medical training at RWTH Aachen in Germany, followed by clinical practice in Germany and the UK, and a stint as a medical officer in Northern Namibia, he furthered his expertise with a Master’s in Public Health from Heidelberg University.

His work at the German Cancer Research Center and the University of Bielefeld involved him in numerous epidemiological studies, also allowing him to share his knowledge through teaching, especially in the MSc Epidemiology program.

His tenure with the WHO’s Department of Public Health and Environment in Geneva, and later as a Professor of Epidemiology at Mainz University, underpinned his commitment to public health challenges, particularly those related to environmental radiation. Prof. Zeeb’s involvement in international and national scientific organizations, the German Radiation Protection Commission, and the scientific advisory board of the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine, alongside his role in the German UNSCEAR delegation, showcases his multifaceted engagement with health sciences.

Since 2019, as the Co-Speaker of the “Health Sciences” research area at the University of Bremen and the head of the Leibniz Science Campus Digital Public Health Bremen, Prof. Zeeb has been instrumental in harnessing digital innovations to advance public health initiatives, emphasizing the role of living labs and implementation research in transforming health outcomes. He is also contributing to IARC’s current work to develop the 5th edition of the European Code Against Cancer.

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