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Prof. Bettina Borisch

Bettina Borisch is a distinguished professor em at the Institute of Global Health, University of Geneva, and a leading figure in global public health. With an educational background in medicine and history from the Universities of Kiel and Lausanne, she has seamlessly blended her expertise in histopathology with a deep commitment to public health issues. Dr. Borisch’s career is marked by her role as head of the Institute of Clinical Pathology at the University of Geneva in 1995 and her significant contributions to breast cancer programs, notably with the Swiss Cancer League.

Transitioning to public health, she oriented her activities towards addressing global health challenges. Dr. Borisch is at the forefront of health communication and community-based oncology, leveraging her position as Executive Director of the World Federation of Public Health Associations to foster international collaborations. Her editorial roles in leading health journals and her involvement in public health committees reflect her influence in shaping health policies and practices.

Previously, she held the prestigious position of president of Europa Donna – The European Breast Cancer Forum and was the Founding President of the Swiss Forum of Europa Donna. Dr. Borisch is also a dedicated educator, teaching at the University of Geneva, the Swiss School of Public Health, and patient support groups, emphasizing the importance of knowledge transfer in public health.

Overall, her work, characterized by scientific rigor and a humanistic approach, is driven by a comprehensive understanding of health, from the microscopic to the global level.

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