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Dr Marius Geanta champions bold vision for cancer control at The Economist Impact World Cancer Series Europe

Brussels, Belgium – September 21, 2023

Dr Marius Geanta, President of INOMED and Coordinator of the 4P-CAN Project, took centre stage during the Economist Impact World Cancer Series Europe, leaving an important mark on the discourse surrounding cancer control strategies. Dr Geanta’s insights illuminated a path toward a paradigm shift in cancer prevention and early detection.

During session titled ‘Future-proofing cancer control,’ Dr Geanta emphasized that the status quo in cancer control is no longer tenable. He underscored the urgency of moving beyond reactive approaches that rely on identifying symptoms before acting. Despite monumental strides in diagnosis and treatment, the persistent impact of cancer necessitates a sea change.

“Reversing these trends is only possible by shifting the focus towards prevention and early detection, alongside promoting exponential innovation in diagnosis and treatment,” Dr. Geanta asserted.

Moreover, he articulated a visionary approach to cancer primary prevention that encompasses a holistic view of health determinants, including social, behavioural, digital, and commercial factors and underscored the imperative for human-centric models that cater to individual needs: “The one-size-fits-all era of prevention and early detection has reached its full potential; it is time for personalized prevention and screening,” Dr. Geanta declared.

Dr Geanta also spotlighted the pivotal role of the Centre for Innovation in Medicine, serving as the pivot of transformative research and innovation in cancer primary prevention. The centre is at the helm of the 4P-CAN project, a groundbreaking endeavour funded under the Horizon Europe Cancer Mission. With an unrivalled portfolio of projects dedicated to implementing Evidence-Based Cancer Prevention and the Cancer Mission, it stands as the vanguard of cancer research in Romania and the Balkans.

Furthermore, the Centre for Innovation in Medicine has been instrumental in driving legislative advancements in cancer control. It played a pivotal role in shaping the Law on the National Cancer Control Program (NCCP) and spearheaded the enactment of the Law on the Right of Romanian Citizens to Personalized Medicine—a global first.

Dr Geanta’s participation at the Economist Impact World Cancer Series Europe marked a watershed moment in the journey toward redefining cancer control strategies. His visionary insights have ignited a call to action for a new era of personalized, human-centric approaches to prevention and early detection.

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