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Exclusive Interview with Dr. Marius Geanta: Unveiling the Vision of 4P-CAN Project

In a 1-2-1 interview, we delve into the vision of the 4P-CAN project and the transformative impact it aims to achieve in the years to come. Dr Marius Geanta, the Project Coordinator from the Centre for Innovation in Medicine (INOMED), provides insightful details on the project’s mission and its path-breaking approach. 

The 4P-CAN project has set its sights on confronting major modifiable risk factors for cancer head-on. These risk factors include smoking, alcohol consumption, physical inactivity, excess body weight, preventable infections, and environmental pollution like radon. By addressing these crucial factors, the project aims to revolutionize cancer prevention strategies. 

With a strong focus on understanding the barriers to policy implementation and individual adherence to healthy behaviors, 4P-CAN seeks to bolster primary prevention activities. By identifying and overcoming challenges, the project aims to reduce inequalities in Eastern European countries, where the burden of cancer remains a pressing concern. 

The collaborative spirit lies at the heart of the 4P-CAN project, as it brings together 17 organizations from 11 countries. The consortium comprises a diverse range of stakeholders, including both EU and non-EU Balkan countries, as well as Western EU countries. This inclusive approach ensures a comprehensive perspective and enriches the project’s potential to achieve meaningful impact. 

Watch the full video here:  

For more information on the 4P-CAN project, check out our ‘About’ page here.  

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