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Press Release: 4P-CAN Project to host key events in Brussels on cancer prevention


The 4P-CAN project (Personalized CANcer Primary Prevention research through Citizen Participation and digitally-enabled social innovation) Consortium is delighted to announce two major events in Brussels focused on advancing the fight against cancer through prevention. These gatherings will unite experts, policymakers, and consortium members to share knowledge and foster collaborative efforts in cancer primary prevention.

The first event, on 8 April 2024, the 4P-CAN Consortium Meeting, will be hosted at the prestigious WHO European Union Office. Their commitment to public health and collaborative initiatives significantly enhances our discussions and efforts in cancer prevention, reflecting our shared dedication to improving health outcomes across Europe. This closed event will set the stage for in-depth discussions on project progress, strategic planning, and collaborative efforts aimed at enhancing cancer prevention initiatives.

The second event, on 9 April 2024 the “Cancer primary prevention main risk factors in Europe. Regulations, implementation level and future steps. The role of 4P-CAN project” will be hosted by MEP Cristian-Silviu BUSOI at the European Parliament in Brussels. MEP BUSOI’s active involvement and support highlight the critical importance of legislative engagement and collaborative policymaking in the fight against cancer.

This event will highlight the critical role of the 4P-CAN project in addressing cancer’s major modifiable risk factors. With an agenda featuring welcome messages from MEPs, an overview of the Mission on Cancer, and insights into the 4P-CAN project’s outcomes and policy recommendations, this event promises to be a cornerstone in fostering dialogue and action on cancer prevention.

The 4P-CAN project, part of the Horizon Europe Mission on Cancer efforts, embodies a comprehensive approach to cancer prevention, combining research, digital innovation, and citizen engagement to address barriers to healthy behaviors and policy implementation. Through its efforts, 4P-CAN aims to reduce health inequalities and promote effective cancer prevention strategies. By fostering a comprehensive understanding of these aspects and individual adherence to healthy behaviours, 4P-CAN is dedicated to shaping a healthier future for all.

The 4P-CAN project is a collaboration among 17 organizations from 11 different countries, including the Balkan countries, which are European Union (EU) Member States and non-EU Member States (Moldova, North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Ukraine), and Western EU Member States (Portugal, Italy, France, Ireland, and Belgium).

For more information on the 4P-CAN project please visit our social media platforms on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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