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Eurocomunicare – an NGO based in Bucharest, Romania – focuses on media literacy interventions, exploring its capacity to exert critical thinking as to the productions, representations, languages (visuals, texts, sounds), audiences and communities characteristic of mainstream and social media should target the following areas: critical thinking and awareness of cognitive biases, data literacy, awareness and understanding of how personal data is used, online security & online privacy literacy, awareness of the significance of online disinformation and how to spot it, and fact-checking abilities. Eurocomunicare is or has been involved in several projects and activities aimed at contributing to the professionalisation of public communication, while equipping the public with the tools needed to fight disinformation. Eurocomunicare is a member in EDMO’s network of fact-checkers. In the 4P-CAN project Eurocomunicare is mainly involved in the following tasks: cancer informational space analysis: misinformation, fake-news disinformation and the infodemic and measuring opinion and behaviour concerning ECAC recommendations 4P-CAN countries.

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