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Dnipro State Medical University

Dnipro State Medical University (DSMU). It provides medical education at premedical, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It has multiple department in various fields of medical science which makes possible versatile and high-quality research work. The role of DSMU in 4P-CAN project will include assessment local policies in tobacco, alcohol, body-weight and vaccination control and their influence on primary cancer prevention. It is also planned to analyse historical and newly generated data about environmental pollution and its possible influence on cancer epidemiology, especially in the war context. DSMU is located in Dnipro region in the East of Ukraine. Despite the ongoing war and its severe impact on certain areas, Dnipro region remains functioning and even has become a fortified hub for internally displaced people, military supply and healthcare activities. Current position of DSMU provides wide opportunities for successful realisation of the project’s objectives.

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