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CUMO is a national association of medical oncologists that brings together specialists who deal with the detection and treatment of oncological patients. The main goal of our Association is to promote public health policies that will lead to the improvement of the health of oncology patients and the entire population of residents in Montenegro. In 4P CAN project primary task of CUMO will be mapping and defining non-traditional stakeholders’ categories at the national level, that directly impact the cancer primary prevention landscape. Also we will conduct a retrospective literature review of evidence from past military conflicts’ impact in Montenegro on pollution and what correlation can be drawn in terms of cancer incidence. We will lead communication campaigns in order to inform citizens about cancer prevention on a more general basis, considering the national context together with national stakeholders and experts. Our aim is to to reduce East-West inequalities and improve citizen’s willingness to adopt CPP measures and secondary prevention (screening), and to create fundamental changes in terms of ensuring healthy behaviors in Eastern populations.

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