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4PCAN Announces the launch of the Thematic Innovation Ecosystem on Cancer

On January 25th, Federica Porcu and Radhika Poojara, Innovation Project Manager and Communication Specialist at ECHAlliance – The Global Health Connector, announced the upcoming launch of the Thematic Innovation Ecosystem (TIE) on Cancer by ECHAlliance. Spearheaded by the 4P-CAN project, this initiative is set to launch on Tuesday April 30th.

With extensive experience in building digital health ecosystems, ECHAlliance, one of 4P-CAN’s partners, specializes in the creation of both geographic and thematic ecosystems. Among its 14 thematic ecosystems focused on crucial digital health topics, the TIE on Cancer aims to embody a shared vision for a future where innovative collaborations lead to significant improvements in cancer prevention and care, especially in the most challenged regions. As Andy Bleaden, Community Director at ECHAlliance, said, our Thematic Innovation Ecosystems provide an established infrastructure to share and exchange ideas to collaborate, a platform to gain resources, best practices and knowledge and a community for networking on specific key digital health topics. Most importantly they represent a space to match need and solution and to accelerate innovation by generating new projects and collaboration.”

4P-CAN is committed to contributing to the 5th edition of the European Code Against Cancer by identifying barriers—both in terms of public policies and individual adherence to healthy behaviors—that limit the adoption of cancer prevention measures across Central and Eastern Europe. This effort seeks to reduce inequalities in cancer prevention among European citizens. The TIE on Cancer will foster connections with other ecosystems worldwide, facilitating a collaborative approach to bridge the care gap and advance the global fight in support of cancer primary prevention.

The establishment of a permanent TIE on Cancer aligns with this year’s  World Cancer Day theme of “Close the Care Gap,” which highlights global disparities in cancer care. Factors such as limited access to healthcare, financial barriers, stigma, discrimination, and a lack of awareness contribute to these disparities.

We understand that the battle against cancer extends beyond medical advancements, it encompasses issues of equity and access among citizens. The permanent Thematic Innovation Ecosystem on Cancer aims to address these critical issues.

Stay tuned for the upcoming agenda of the event! For more updates follow us on LinkedIn and X.

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