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4P-CAN salutes the EU Cancer Mission Roadshow and it’s expecting the bus in its Romanian Living-Lab, Lerești, Argeș

In a significant milestone for cancer prevention efforts in Romania, the EU Cancer Mission bus will arrive at the Romanian 4P-CAN Living Lab in Lerești, Argeș at the end of August. The 4P-CAN project, which stands for “Personalised CANcer Primary Prevention Research through Citizen Participation and Digitally Enabled Social Innovation,” is part of an innovative initiative funded by Horizon Europe. The project aims to enhance cancer prevention through community engagement and tailored strategies.

The EU Cancer Mission has launched a unique public communication campaign – the EU Cancer Mission Roadshow. Launched on May 9th in Vilnius, Lithuania, the bus aims to travel through Lithuania, Poland, and Romania, sharing vital cancer information directly with the public through a series of interactive and educational events.

Dr Marius Geanta, President of the Centre for Innovation in Medicine and the 4P-CAN Coordinator, welcoming the bus to the Romanian Living Lab, stated: “The arrival of the Cancer Mission bus strengthens our efforts to promote the Cancer Mission in rural communities and in Romania in general. Inspiring examples of how rural communities can lead cancer primary prevention and adhere to preventive measures are vital. One standout moment for us was learning how the local football team, motivated by our initiatives, began promoting the project across the county during their matches. By identifying local stakeholders and engaging with communities on health topics that resonate with them, pinpointed through precise personal network analysis, we were able to tailor our prevention strategies more effectively. These methods align seamlessly with the European Code Against Cancer, emphasizing the vital role of community-led efforts in combating cancer.”

It is estimated that approximately 40% of cancer cases could be prevented or treated at early stages if Europeans adopt a healthy lifestyle and adhere to the recommendations of the European Code Against Cancer. The bus features a “consultation office” where experts, including scientists, doctors, and patients, engage with communities in lively discussions. These sessions are designed to share information and stimulate dialogue around prevention, early detection, and advances in cancer treatment, addressing citizens’ fears and misinformation about the disease. The EU Cancer Mission Bus Tour provides an accessible platform for the general public to learn about simple lifestyle changes that can significantly reduce cancer risk. It also promotes an understanding of modern treatment options and the importance of regular screening, which can greatly increase the effectiveness of therapies for those diagnosed at an early stage.

You can also access the news in Romanian: A început turneul autobuzului Misiunii UE pentru Cancer – sosește în Lerești, Argeș, la finalul lunii august

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